Tim Corbin Films Video & Photography Pricing

How much does a Tim Corbin Films production cost?

We’ve always found it easier to answer this question by first asking, “Tell us about your project.”

There are many factors which go into a video or photo project, including:

  • Length/Quantity (How long will your film be and/or How many people do you want to photograph?)
  • Content (What is your film about?)
  • Elements (Do you want interviews, voiceover, music, titles, motion graphics, or other elements?)
  • Location(s) (Where will filming/photography happening?)
  • Scheduling (What day(s) of the week and what specific hours can filming/photography happen?)
  • Distribution (How/where do you plan to show the film/photos? (e.g. Website streaming, YouTube, DVD, TV ad, etc.)?)
  • Timeline (When you need your finished project by?)
  • Creative License (How involved do you want to be in the production process?)

Once we have a better understanding of these items, we can provide an accurate quote.

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